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"Happy Valentine"

— Who Saved Who?!

Kate Folmar arrived determined to give Francis Marie a home. Despite the pup being a little bit older than she had anticipated, Kate decided to give Frannie a chance... but she never expected one in return! Maybe her letter will inspire more people to give a chance to an older dog...

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Although our dogs all have their own story, many older dogs come to us from life-long homes where they’ve out-lived their human who cared for them. They don’t understand what’s happened they only know they miss the companionship they once had. Think of a senior dog as a friend with the benefit of life experience. For example, do you know the difference between shoes and bones for chewing? Amazing! A senior dog knows this, too, and has learned to chew his toys and not your shoes.

  • Your carpet will last a lot longer if you share your home with a senior dog.
    Unlike a puppy, they know the ropes of living in a human house — like outside is for eliminating, and the house is for relaxing.
  • Save time and energy by adopting a senior dog.
    Senior companion dogs know the basic commands of "sit" "stay" "come." But, if you need to teach your senior a few more commands don’t worry. Older dogs have a greater attention span than puppies which makes them easier to train.
  • Senior dogs make excellent companions for senior people or anyone who has the capacity of heart and home for a faithful companion who will look at you with love and gratitude every day.

Think you’re ready? Here are some of our seniors waiting to share your home and your heart.