Nigel's Tips

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Please let me introduce myself..... Hi, I'm Nigel. I was adopted from Shih Tzu rescue.  It was a wonderful place to live but now I am the top dog at my own house.  I have some nice people, other dogs, and a cat, living with me!  I'll never forget my great friends at Shih Tzu rescue.  A lot of my dog buddies are still there, waiting for their forever home.  If you can't take one of them home, please help them out with whatever you can.  Tell your friends about our website too.  There are lots of cute doggies, big, medium, and small.  I  am a very smart dog and will be offering tips on pet issues and other important information.           

I hope that everyone had a nice summer.  It is still pretty hot here in South Florida. 

Keep these things in mind for a safe and happy Autumn with your pet:

Continue to use monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention. We really don't get a relief of bugs here because it is so hot.

Since it is always pretty warm here, don't leave animals in a car.  It only takes a short time for the inside of a car to reach over 100 degrees, even with a window open.  Would you like that?  I didn't think so. 

We are still in hurricane season.  Make sure you always have plenty of food, fresh water, and medications for yourself and for your animal friends.  If you must leave your home, please find a safe place for your pets or take them with you.

Let's close down puppy mills.  That cute puppy in the dog store window came from a puppy mill or an irresponsible backyard breeder.  Adopt a handsome guy (ok, or girl) like me instead.  

If you have a neighbor that loses their house to foreclosure, make sure they didn't leave behind an animal.  My mom has another cat, because a human (not a very smart one!) left him behind to find his own food and shelter.  He is really glad to be here with us.                                     

TTYL, Nigel 




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