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"Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge"

A donation was made by the doctors and staff of Extra Care Animal Hospital in memory of Mr. Dean Alexander.  His loving spirit will live on in the lives of Simba and Wiley, his beloved companions.  We hope, in his honor, to find wonderful pets in need a place to call home again!


Cookie came into our lives 2 ½ years ago from a foster home via the Humane Society. 

Cookie was 5 lbs of love, affection and undying loyalty.  A red ball of Pomeranian fluff and personality.   She was 12 yrs old when we got her…left behind by a family who no longer wanted to pay her vet bills.  Unbelievable but true. 

She followed my wife everywhere like a shadow.  They were inseparable.  Cookie made her happy every hour of the day…and myself as well.  

When the end came on Monday after a long battle with cancer we didn’t know how we would deal with it.  We have 4 other dogs, 3 from a shelter, and we’ve lost dogs before…yet, Cookie is irreplaceable.  She was with us such a short time 

In her memory we can only ask that you continue to support all animal shelters, particularly this one with financial support, volunteer work and, most importantly, by opening  your home to a loving animal that needs you…just like Cookie needed us, and  we needed her.  

Someday, you may be posting a memoriam like this for your rescued pet…and you will know, without question, what we know today…that it is more than worth it.

Good bless you Cookie…we love you beyond words.

Our precious CASEY FACEY. You won my heart the moment you walked over to me and sat on my lap and daddy's the minute he saw you. Never was there a sweeter more lovable or loved little girl than you. Read more about Casey . . .

In loving memory of Cujo, April 24, 1992 to January 19, 2006. Read about Angel Cujo.  (click on photo for larger image)
My dear Harley, mi chipitino, you will always be in my heart. Thanks for all the years of happiness that you gave me, you were my blessing.  I love you so much.  Now you are in the best place you can be, "inside my heart."  I know one day we will be reunited again and we will be together forever . . . Your mami Carolina

In memory of our friend, Ken Freeberg, who loved
all animals almost as much as all people loved him.

George & DeDe Wachtel


In loving memory of darling Zuki Azcoitia, who was the protector, comforter and treasured companion of Maite Azcoitia. 


Junior was a real sweetie pie and we will miss him. 
Lily Pearl was a young little Lhasa Apso who was handicapped. She was intelligent and one of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet, extremely anxious to please and delighted with the least bit of attention or affection.
Alison was a precious little Shih Tzu girl. 
Ellery was an adorable, handsome little Chihuahua. Ellery was very affectionate and intelligent.
Shayna was a Maltese.  Her life long family dumped, which was a real tragedy for Shayna. 
Wanda was a very pretty black and white Shih Tzu girl and was the most affectionate, sweetest, nicest little Shih Tzu girl you could ever have met.
Mimi was a little angel girl. She was so lovable, cute, laid back and quiet.  She used to love her little stuffed animal toys and got along great with other dogs.


. . . in heaven April 2005, who was rescued by Caryn Levy

Calvin was a good natured, intelligent and well behaved shih tzu boy! He was a great companion who will be much missed. He died from lung cancer. 2007 away on October 25, 2005. 

Diane Almeida

Cynthia was a wonderful little angel.  She used to love to run and play in the grass.  She is missed by her doggie and human friends at the rescue.
Sinatra was a stunning Siberian Husky girl!  She was a pleasure to spend time with, a perfect little lady. 
Shana was a wonderful, sweet girl.  She was best buddies with Baby Jack. I am sure that she would be very happy to know that Baby Jack was adopted.  She had many friends, both human and doggie, that miss her very much.
  In loving memory of Barbara Bigelow, a dear friend and "Mother" to Tinkerbell, from your friends at ORO and TT,  Butch and Debbie, Don and Sue, Jon and Jackie, Linda and Allan, Nancy and Gary.
Lucy - loved to cruise around with other dogs and go on walks.  She will be missed. 
Victor Anthony was a sweet little senior guy.  He was sweeter than sugar and so anxious to please.  He made all of us laugh and we loved him dearly.  He will be missed by everyone, human and dog, at the rescue. 
Buffy was a small poodle boy.  He had a sad life before coming to rescue, but at least he lived his last years being loved.  He was a gentle, timid little soul.  Buffy had limited vision and was a senior dog. He still loved to go out with his other dog friends.  He will be missed by all the people at Shih Tzu rescue and his doggie friends.  We love and will miss you Buffy.
Shep was a Shepherd mix who was very smart and friendly. He loved to play with the other dogs when out in the yard for playtime. He was very affectionate and very anxious to learn new things. Unfortunately Shep died of cancer.  Shep, know that you were loved and will be missed by everyone.
Sweet Jodi was a rescue from a puppy mill and my sister gave her all the love she needed , she passed away on 1-7-09 and we miss her terribly. May Jodi rest in peace God Bless Her. - Janet brown

A house is not a home without a dog or two, or three . . .

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